L'entrecôte Saint-Jean - High end quality restaurant


A little bit of history ...

The first restaurant opened in November 1983, where the origin of it’s name began in old Quebec on street ‘St-Jean’. The founder Mr. Reverberi grew up in France, where he
was inspired by the restaurant concept which already existed in the streets of Paris and Geneva. That inspiration brought him and his wife, Anic Gauthier, to North America to establish their own concept. The first years proved difficult, but perseverance and tenacity gave a bright future to the restaurant. During Mr. Reverberi’s journey, he was accompanied by his son Michel, who helped build the foundation of the company. A few years passed and it was the turn of his daughter Jacqueline, accompanied by her son Arnaud Brun to leave France and join the family business. Mr. Reverberi then decided to open a second restaurant in Montreal, March 1991. Today, it has been 20 years since the Entrecôte St-Jean opened its doors on Peel Street. During all these years, we continue to maintain the quality standards; to which has benefited our reputation as an institution. We thank all our customers, for without them, the restaurant would not be what it is today. On behalf of the entire team, we say thank you .

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